Kuilei Cliffs is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire our community to Aloha & Mālama ʻĀina and restore the environmental ecosystem to preserve, improve the natural beauty of Kuilei Cliffs, Lēʻahi (Diamond Head) by increasing the number of Hawaiian native plants, developing green space for better land use, and reducing the invasive species impacts to our ecosystem.

Kuilei Cliffs FEIN: 88-1890727.

Our Commitment to MAKE A DIFFERENCE

Our commitment is a testament to our love for the ʻĀina, our deep respect for the environment, and our determination to create a better, more sustainable future for Hawai’i and its communities. We aim to inspire others to share in this commitment and join our efforts to make a lasting impact.

Restore and Preserve Biodiversity

Kuilei Cliffs is committed to protecting the natural resources against soil erosion and fostering the growth of native vegetation and trees. Our aim is to enhance the coastal environment’s resilience and promote a balanced ecosystem.

Create Access to Green Space

The organization is dedicated to developing a cultural community gathering place, beautifying the landscape, and offering safe and easily accessible recreational spaces. This commitment extends to creating green spaces for the enjoyment of residents, tourists, beachgoers, surfers, and other recreational water enthusiasts.

Perpetuate Ecological Restoration Knowledge

Kuilei Cliffs actively involves the community, universities, and schools in hands-on ecological restoration and cultural experiences. This commitment ensures that knowledge and practices related to ecological restoration are shared and passed down to future generations.

Community Engagement

Our commitment to community engagement is reflected in our Saturday Restoration Day, where volunteers of all ages come together to actively contribute to the restoration efforts. We encourage partnerships with corporates, local businesses, universities, schools, and youth clubs to provide educational experiences related to ecological restoration.

Environmental Stewardship

Kuilei Cliffs is committed to acting as stewards of the environment, making a tangible difference in preserving Hawai’i’s fragile ecosystem. Our work addresses the erosion of coastlines, the impact of invasive species, and the loss of indigenous trees and vegetation.

Sustainability and Climate Adaptation

Our organization aligns with Hawai’i’s 2050 Sustainability Plan, focusing on sustainable development and climate adaptation. Our commitment to sustainability extends to their practices, partnerships, and community engagement.

Discovering Our Roots: The Kuilei Cliffs Story

Kuilei Cliffs, located on Lēʻahi (Diamond Head) in Hawai’i, is an enchanting coastal area with a rich history of community-driven preservation and restoration efforts. The story of Kuilei Cliffs begins with the determination of O’ahu surfers who felt a deep connection to the land and were committed to preserving its natural beauty.

In 2015, a small group of long-term surfers noticed the neglected stretch of land in front of Kuilei Cliffs surf break and decided to clean the area in memory of a dear friend. Their initial idea was simple: to clean up the space and make it a cleaner, greener, and more inviting environment. They started with the modest goal of picking up trash and beautifying the land by planting native Hawaiian plants.

As time went on, more surfers joined their cause, and their mission expanded beyond a mere cleanup project.  The commitment of these early volunteers laid the foundation for a thriving movement that would eventually become known as Kuilei Cliffs.

In 2020, a core group of four dedicated volunteers took the initiative to a whole new level. They began to gather every Saturday morning at Kuilei Cliffs Beach Park, spending a few hours cleaning and restoring the land before taking time to enjoy a well-deserved lunch and some surfing. Their unwavering commitment and love for the area saw the involvement of more community members, resulting in a significant increase in volunteers and hours dedicated to the cause.

In response to the growing momentum and the need for a sustainable approach to the mission, the core group of four surfers decided to formalize their efforts. In December 2022, they successfully registered Kuilei Cliffs as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. This step marked a significant milestone in their journey, with the four dedicated volunteers becoming the Founders and Board of Directors of Kuilei Cliffs.

The organization’s work has focused on understanding the ecological ecosystem of Kuilei Cliffs, which includes the preservation and restoration of native Hawaiian vegetation and trees. By planting these native species, they have created a natural barrier that prevents erosion and helps protect the marine ecosystem. This serves as a living example of how community-based restoration efforts can make a tangible impact on the environment.

Today, Kuilei Cliffs stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration in Hawai’i, where the effects of climate change, invasive species, and degradation of natural beauty pose real threats. Their mission is to encourage Aloha & Mālama ʻĀina, fostering a love and care for the land and ensuring that the natural beauty of Kuilei Cliffs and Lēʻahi is preserved and improved for generations to come. The organization is deeply aligned with the Hawai’i’s 2050 Sustainability Plan, working towards sustainable development and climate adaptation for the islands.

Kuilei Cliffs continues to thrive, building strong community ties to the land, and empower future generations to carry the torch of stewardship for the environment. Thier story is one of passion, dedication, and the power of community to create positive change in the fragile and beautiful ecosystem.