Our Mission

This is Kuirei Cliffs

Restore the environmental ecosystem and expand the indigenous vegetations and trees to make Kuilei Cliffs, Diamond Head (Oahu, Hawaii) area beautiful and promote a safer environment for our residents and visitors.   



Our Commitment to Make An Impact

Protect natural resources against soil erosion and the soil run-off from the adjacent marine ecosystem

Preserve natural environment and biodiversity indigenous 

Beautify and improve aesthetic value and scenery for our residents and visitors

Increase sustainable community engagement through improved access to green spaces


Our Team

Ryo Kubota

Co-Founder / Board of Director / President
Ph.D. in Molecular Bioscience and Bioengineering; Former Co-chair of Surfrider Foundation of Oahu Chapter; Owner of Diagenetix, Inc.


Mary Demonteverde

Co-Founder / Board of Director / Vice-President
Deals Transactions Services Advisor at PwC


Waipa Parker

Board of Director / Head of Volunteer Training
Electrical Engineer and High School Football Volunteer Coach


Keoni Kino

Board of Director / Head of Safety Management
Former Captain of Honolulu Firefighter

Our Sponsorship & Partnership

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Our Progress

What we’ve accomplished so far…

Phase I Project- Kahala-side Lookout. After 7 years of grassroots activism, a lush grass lawn is holding sandy soil, preventing further erosion from wind and rain runoff. Invasive plants like kiawe are replaced by native trees and flowers. The area is completely restored for better use of land.

NOW : APRIL 2022
Current Focus…

We are restoring the area by Kuilei Cliffs Beach Park access and current plan is to:   

  • Remove weeds and invasive plants (i.e., Kiawe and Koa Haole) and replace by planting native trees (i.e., Milo trees, Kuo trees) and grass roots 
  • Clear illegal campsites and clean up illegal campers/homeless trash and clean up illegal campers / homeless trash (e.g., tents, makeshift structures, needles, debris)
  • Restore the water irrigation system to help our native plants and grass 
  • Redirect and reclaim shower runoff water for the native plants and grass 

This will help us purchase…

Donation welcome
  • Irrigation system:  sprinkler heads, water pipes, and irrigation system accessories
  • Power tools: weed trimmer, string trimmer lines, hedge trimmer, reciprocating saws, and blowers
  • Landscaping materials: pickaxes, rakes, shovels, gloves, safety goggles, earplugs, pull saw, gas
  • Native plants and vegetations: Kou, Milo, Native hibiscus, and Ilima
  • Meals and beverages for our volunteers

Interested in becoming a Partner?

Let’s make an impact together. Nothing brings people together like helping others. Our goal is to empower small businesses and corporations to make a positive impact in the community, build brand awareness, and foster goodwill. Please contact us at restoration@kuileicliffs.org for more partnership opportunities.

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Questions & Feedback

We would love to hear from you! Please share with us your experience and reach out if you have any questions at restoration@kuileicliffs.org.